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Oh thank goodness 2016 is over. This has been one of the most stressful life and hardest academic years for me. Not to mention the world went a little nuts this past year.  That isn't to say it was an awful year, I did a bunch of fun stuff, but I'm ready for a fresh start. Hello 2017!

At the start of 2016 I had 32 watchers and now I have 47. To everyone who has joined me in this past year, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay. To those who have been with me for a while now, I appreciate you so much and hope to continue sharing my art and friendship with you. So, thank you to everyone! I hope to be on this site for a long time so I hope you enjoy whatever my mind decides to dish out :)

And now, the tradition continues: making art goals for the coming year.  Let's see how badly I failed my resolutions and then I'll make some new ones!!

Aqua's Art Goals for 2016! (aka New Year's Resolution list)
1. I will post at least five chapters of Spectromorphs along with extras.
           -*Coughs nervously* Well......yeah I have nothing. It's not like I ignored this story, I have been doing research on how to write good stories and planning plot points, I just have no completed work to show for it. I'll do better this year you'll see in a bit).

2. They can be original or bought, but I will make at least 5 new needlepoints this year.
           -OOOHH OOOHH OHHHH! I had fun with this one. So looking back I did a total of 12 this past year!! Thirteen if you count the bird one I'm going to post because I technically finished it on December 31st. Also I did a few things for my sister I never posted so, yeah I went past five. Man, so much stitching fun this past year. Success!!

3. New medium improvement!  Since I did wood last year, this time I want to expand with traditional work. This means different paper, colors, shading, etc.
           -This was a fail. I messed around with digital drawing an shading and did a painting project, but that isn't the traditional that I meant. I intended for paper stuff so...yeah. Honestly though, I feel like I failed this one because I made it a resolution. If I'm going to do traditional work (which is my weakest area in my opinion) it will be when I have inspiration.

4. I will attempt to memorize as many guitar chords as possible (hopefully all the general ones).  Music is art so that's why I'm putting it here even though you guys won't be able to see the results.
           -Success!!! I had fun with guitar this year and learned a bunch of stuff! I can play so many songs now because my teacher showed me a whole side to music I originally shied away from. :) I'm ready for more.

5. I will stop avoiding my digital tablet and learn how to use the stupid thing and post at least one work from it.
           -Hahahaha nope didn't happen. I'm too busy for it. Sticking with the ipad for now (bleh I really need to learn how to use the dumb thing but...)

So that wasn't too bad. I am disappointed in myself for some of the resolutions though but I understand why they didn't happen. There's a reason I got 13 stitches done and no Spectromorph chapters. It's not for a lack of love, but when I'm stressed, relaxing with a pattern and some Youtube in the background is how I wind down. Not to mention I want my story to be perfect so planning the chapters often leads to a bit of stress ironically enough. And who can forget the joys of real life? Goodness gracious I wish I would have started on dA when I was still in high school and not college so at least then I would have had less stress and more time to just mess around with art. Bleh. Inspiration hits you whenever it gosh darn feels like it I guess

On the bright side(?), I'm beginning to see what I love and tend to avoid (see: procrastinate on doing) when it comes to art. I won't lie when I say I still get VERY nervous when posting. It isn't nearly as bad as when I first started dA but when showing art, I have always been very shy. I  appreciate everyone who I have met here and those who have given me encouragement. I mean, guys, I finally entered a contest this past month where you can win stuff!!! And a while back I was part of a OC event where I had to draw. That was nerve wracking. Not the point. The point is, I'm still trying to improve in areas which means that I am not forthcoming when it comes to posting that stuff. So instead of making resolutions that force me to do something, I'm going to make them much more lax so it remains fun and lets me post with confidence. Thanks again to everyone who has stayed no matter what I choose to do; I know some only follow based on a certain type of posting (I'm guilty on that front so I know).

Wow, look at that word explosion. Whelp, let's move to more lighthearted things. Such as.......

Aqua's Art Goals for 2017! (aka New Year's Resolution list)
1. No limit, but I will post/edit/draw things based on my Spectromorphs story because I really want to move on with the plot. I can do it! :)
2. Because I love it so much, I will complete some needlepoint this year. Bought or self made 'cause self made is fun.
3. I want to do a medium improvement resolution so my choice is writing. This can be anything from prompt based to a one shot, poetry(?), my story, etc. Let's see where this goes.

That's it! Not many this year since I really want to focus.

Now I tag all of my watchers and friends (especially:
:iconnekotigerfire::iconrekibob::iconlolliponybrony::iconearth-pony::iconvaser888::iconakbc6:) to do the same.  What do you want to accomplish? I'd love to see and encourage you along the way. :)

Have a Happy New Year!

Current Art Endeavors:

-Chapter Six is 40% Complete
-Currently editing the first five chapters: 0% complete

Cross Stitch:

-Threaded Night: 5% complete
-Musical Mayhem: 30% complete
-It's just a Phase...: 0% complete
-Lily Pad Queen: 0% complete
-Will stitch for coffee: 0% complete
-The Hobbit Menu: 0% complete
-Floral Wisdom #1: 0% complete
-Floral Wisdom #2: 0% complete
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  • Reading: Too many fanfics
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Education: current college student
Hobbies: drawing, hiking, guitar, playing video games
Favorite movies: Back to the Future I-III, Clue
Favorite tools: pencil, ink, wood-burning versa tool, needle and thread, digital pen
Favorite games: Spectrobes, Pokemon, Professor Layton, Portal:Portal: by Super-Hedgehog, Undertale
Favorite TV Shows: Sherlock BBC, Mythbusters, Gravity Falls, Castle, Forever

.:Don't Thank Me:. by AutumnOwl

Critique Me Stamp by curious-noxNever Stop. . . by WookiesarebetterDon't we all? by Snuf-StampsChecking Messages Stamp by Drake1.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotPeppermint Love by TheSnowDrifter

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WIP #2
Part two for this one. While this will be my main focus, I have a lot of small ones that I have been commissioned to do so those will be uploaded either in groups or alone, I haven't decided yet. But lots more to come!
Muscial Mayhem #2 by Aqua-Blade
WIP #1
Hey guys! New year, new projects :) I have two that I am going to complete that I think are super neat. So here is the first. I'm so glad I got permission to use this pattern because it is awesome.

Musical Mayhem #1 by Aqua-Blade
WIP #7
Haven't been able to work on this much except in large bursts due to school but here is the latest update. The entire background is complete. Now all that is left is to do the back-stitching details. Hopefully this can be complete before the end of January.
Gilded Cage #7 by Aqua-Blade
*Edit* Wooo! Finished on the 31st!
WIP #6
Slowly working but getting there. Hopefully the majority of the bird will be done by next update. I'm just glad the bottom is basically complete (minus the detailing). It's slightly tilted so the cream stands out a bit more. It is still hard to see so I apologize.
Gilded Cage #6 by Aqua-Blade
WIP #5
Unofficially done with the majority of the border. I hope to finish this before the end of the year but we'll see. I have a LOT of school work. (Although that means more stress breaks with stitching so... ;))
Gilded Cage #5 by Aqua-Blade


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